Dear students..

Dear students, master students, colleagues!

Welcome to our academy website! Our academy is proud of its scientific and cultural traditions, as well as its long experience. Both the training and the teaching staff work in the academy are closely linked to science. The reason for this is simple – scientists must have a set of important qualities: they must be talented, hardworking, patient and curious, honest and uncompromising.

Science is a unique human activity that brings together diverse disciplines and knowledge.

We have succeeded in doing a lot: publishing annual international conferences, scientific articles, monographs, teaching aids, our collective participation in scientific projects, but we are still waiting for further action. We believe we will achieve high goals together that we have set for ourselves. And this is guaranteed by the team of the Wallace Hall Academy – colleagues of an international community.

We sincerely hope that on our academy you will receive everything for a successful career and create opportunities for yourself. And our professors and lecturers will help you in this!

Vice rector of science

Doctor of Economics, professor
Mark Blaston
Reception time:
Tuesday from 14.00 – 16.00
Thursday from 16:00 to 18:00

Meet our professors

Irene Peterson

Dr. Ely Clarkson

Mark Trent

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Tuition fees

Knowing how quickly things can be done today because of technology, we’ve created our programs so that students can study from anywhere as long as they have internet connection available.

Technology offers us to provide you with the latest materials and bring you to places we wouldn’t be able if we were in a classroom. The same as our professors, our students travel virtually and through practical examples from real life situations, we offer high quality video conferences and teaching sessions. Some of them are live from our premises in the UK but sometimes we may bring our cameras to companies and organisations to present you how things work in real life. We believe that the best way to learn is by taking small steps towards practical tasks. Because of fast learning machines and AI, learning must be quick and efficient.

This allows us to create a comprehensive online studying process for everyone wherever you are. Our tuition fee is 2,100 pounds per year and it lasts 2 full study years. During the first year our program consists of 260 hours theoretical lectures and 390 hours of practical tasks.

Understanding that not everyone can afford such prices, you may also get financial help from these companies or by using a student finance contact number. Please note that these companies are providing financing only to the UK students. If you live in a different country you may need to seek for local financing options. We have students from many countries and we’ve seen how things work, if you struggle to find a company that may help, get in touch with us and we’ll check our database to see if there’s an option we’ve used before for other students.