3rd place in Jiu – Jitsu

Judo’s forerunner of the fight is Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Džighor Kano united several Jiu-Jits divisions, taking the best of Jiu-Jitsu techniques and rejecting dangerous techniques. Professor D. Kano devoted his life to training, perfection and promotion of judo, thus laying the foundations for contemporary judo. Judo is the first Asian-born Olympic sport, it has an international history and is the most popular fighting sport. According to Professor D. Kano, judo includes the development of the human mental and physical characteristics, the training of various methods of attack and protection, a process of perfecting a person as a personality. One of the basic principles of judo is decency. For example, when entering or leaving the hall and starting or ending a fight, the judge is baptizing, it symbolizes respect for the opponent as well as self-discipline.

Kevin McNeil brings 3rd place in Netherland academy tournament

We’re proud to say that our student Kevin has taken the 3rd place in international Jiu Jitsu tournament. Congratulations and we wish you great success going further down the path of a fighter!

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