2017/2018 Year about to start

We’re happy to announce new study year that’s going to begin on 21st of September 2017.

What you need to know before choosing your academy?

What do I want? How to choose the right academy and then do not regret it? Where to look for information? What do academies offer? Will the diploma be valid? What is the quality of the studies? What do friends and acquaintances recommend? What do you ask the university or college about the study program?

First of all, the license, then – accreditation.

The question is about choosing a study program to get your education. The decision must be taken. Identify your desires and abilities. This information will show you the key points to consider when evaluating study opportunities.

The guidelines do not apply to vocational schools and courses that do not qualify for higher education.

Your choice, of course, will be desires and interest in an area. The choice is very wide. When looking for an answer, where to study, you can not rely solely on information provided by academy or college. It may be inaccurate or even false, so be sure to check.

Make sure you get a diploma, as promised. Almost all academies and colleges are currently accredited.

Why does the study program need a license?

Students may only be admitted if the study program has a license issued by the Ministry of Education and Science. Ask the university and college for the period of the licensing of your chosen study program! The license should focus on choosing to study at a branch of a foreign university. If the study programs do not have a license, students can not be admitted.

Why Accreditation?

Accreditation is the next stage of testing after licensing. Both accreditation and licensing is important at the time of the seeking process. Evaluate the study program: what is the quality and compliance with the requirements of the law?

Accreditation includes the examination of the content of the study program, as well as the academic staff, organization of work and the quality of resources.

Be careful and take the necessary steps to find the best option for you. Don’t look what others are doing, make sure you analyse what you like and want to do in life.

Good luck and you’re welcome to join our student list in September 2017! 

Rowing trainings back to original schedule

Rowing is an enjoyable way of active relaxation with friends and academy mates. For others, it is an opportunity to get a sharp feel in the steep rivers. But in any case, in order to feel confident in all situations, skills and knowledge are needed.

As the season has started, we offer basic rowing training for beginners as well as the ability to perfect skills for those who are already familiar with rowing. Basically these are private lessons or group lessons with a professional instructor from the UK. These are the courses we offer to all our students for less than 100 pounds a week. Our previous year results have shown that there’s enough interest in the trainings and we’re putting back the training schedule to a summer mode. It’s really a good workout so apply if you’re interested.

Please note, offer is available only to Wallace Hall Academy students! 

Instructing you to learn:

  • Warming up before rowing.
  • Proper sitting on the boat (very important to keep your back on boat trips).
  • Basics of the rowing.
  • Various ways of controlling the boat, maneuvering, correct trajectory.
  • Correct escape from the boat overturning and escaping from the river with the equipment.
  • The speed of the eskimo (after the rollover is reversed, without pulling out of the boat)

3rd place in Jiu – Jitsu

Judo’s forerunner of the fight is Japanese Jiu Jitsu. Džighor Kano united several Jiu-Jits divisions, taking the best of Jiu-Jitsu techniques and rejecting dangerous techniques. Professor D. Kano devoted his life to training, perfection and promotion of judo, thus laying the foundations for contemporary judo. Judo is the first Asian-born Olympic sport, it has an international history and is the most popular fighting sport. According to Professor D. Kano, judo includes the development of the human mental and physical characteristics, the training of various methods of attack and protection, a process of perfecting a person as a personality. One of the basic principles of judo is decency. For example, when entering or leaving the hall and starting or ending a fight, the judge is baptizing, it symbolizes respect for the opponent as well as self-discipline.

Kevin McNeil brings 3rd place in Netherland academy tournament

We’re proud to say that our student Kevin has taken the 3rd place in international Jiu Jitsu tournament. Congratulations and we wish you great success going further down the path of a fighter!