Our Professors

We’re proud of our team members, professors and doctors who come from various places. It brings together experiences from all over the world and provide our students to receive a better understanding about things that happen in the whole world. Our professors and doctors have worked even in projects that involve newly developing African countries.

Here are some of our lecturers:

Mark Blaston, Vice rector of science, Doctor of Ecomomics

Mark was the main reason why Wallace Hall Academy started it’s journey. He founded the academy and now is the main person behind the processes. Director, professor and doctor with amazing life experience.

Irene Peterson – Master of HR

Irene has decided to join our academy in late 2011 and since then has showed a large interest towards student teaching. The main strength or Irene is ability to look at theory and make it sound interesting. By showing real life examples of how things work today, our students have found her as one of the smartest lecturers in her field of the academy.

Dr. Ely Clarkson – Psychology doctor

Being one of the youngest professors on our academy, she’s the most active and pleasant person to be around. She has helped organisations in Africa, Europe and Australia to develop meaningful relationships between student teams and international companies.

Ely never stops and always looks for more opportunities and based on her amazing experience in such a young age, she can show students what’s possible even if you’re young and active.

We’re proud to say that Ely is a member of our academy since 2015 and she has already helped to take our academy to the next level.

Mark Trent – PhD in Physics

By learning from the best in Oxford university, Mark has set high standards for himself and everyone around. Has developed multiple electricity projects in the UK alone and has worked with major universities to develop a strong education system and achieve the best result possible. “There’s no bad student, there’s just a wrong approach” – is what Mark says about everyone at his class. He has showed that this true and everyone who has met Mark can say that it takes time but it’s possible to understand Physics even if you haven’t heard anything about atoms ever before.

We hope that our professional team will help you to achieve your goals and learn what you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions but remember – to polish a diamond, you should first discover and find it. We help you do the second but the first one is up to you!