Rowing trainings back to original schedule

Rowing is an enjoyable way of active relaxation with friends and academy mates. For others, it is an opportunity to get a sharp feel in the steep rivers. But in any case, in order to feel confident in all situations, skills and knowledge are needed.

As the season has started, we offer basic rowing training for beginners as well as the ability to perfect skills for those who are already familiar with rowing. Basically these are private lessons or group lessons with a professional instructor from the UK. These are the courses we offer to all our students for less than 100 pounds a week. Our previous year results have shown that there’s enough interest in the trainings and we’re putting back the training schedule to a summer mode. It’s really a good workout so apply if you’re interested.

Please note, offer is available only to Wallace Hall Academy students! 

Instructing you to learn:

  • Warming up before rowing.
  • Proper sitting on the boat (very important to keep your back on boat trips).
  • Basics of the rowing.
  • Various ways of controlling the boat, maneuvering, correct trajectory.
  • Correct escape from the boat overturning and escaping from the river with the equipment.
  • The speed of the eskimo (after the rollover is reversed, without pulling out of the boat)